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Providing low-cost, high performance deployable structure systems to spacecraft and terrestrial commercial markets.

Engineering Design and Analysis

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    Slit-Tube Booms

    Slit-tube booms provide highly simple, reliable and solid-state deployment kinematics resulting in exceptionally efficient deployable structure systems.

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    Seam-lock technology serves to interlock the boom’s edges at its seams without interfering with the boom’s packaging or deployment kinematics.

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    Boom Deployment Systems

    ROCCOR has developed a lightweight, simple and low-part count, low-cost deployer for our multi-stable composite slit-tube booms.

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    Integrated Wire Harness

    The use of flexible wire harness is by far the most common method for providing electrical connections within a spacecraft.

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    Roll-able Trusses

    Utilizes multi-stable composite slit-tube booms as a repeating structural unit.