Designing reliable antennas with fewer parts that are budget savvy.

Our small sat antennas are simple and refined. Our goal is efficiency and straightforward solutions that require fewer components and a timeframe for completion that is cut in half.

Customer Impact

At Roccor, our approach to emerging technology – and specifically to the work we do in engineering small sat, helical and Link 16 antennas – is focused on making elegant structures that have fewer components.

FALCCON – Redwire’s High-Gain Broadband Space Antenna

FALCCON (Frequency Agile L-band Core COmmon Node) is Redwire’s standard product for high-gain tactical communications, telemetry, navigation, or remote sensing. FALCCON is based on a common-core unit cell ‘node’ that offers a gain-frequency curve ideal for broadband applications. FALCCON apertures can be scaled in size for specific link requirements, and scaled in frequency for varying applications. FALCCON apertures also deliver high power handling capabilities and high efficiency for sensitive uplink demands. Contact the Redwire antenna team today to discuss your mission and your needs!

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