Antennas Case Study

Problem Solvers. Nimble. Fast. Simple.

When it comes to small sat antennas, it’s all about simplicity. Simplicity means fewer parts, fewer parts mean fewer things going wrong, simplicity means less expensive. At Roccor our approach to emerging technology – and specifically to the work we do in engineering small sat antennas – is focused on making elegant structures that have fewer components.

The traditional approach doesn’t work.
That’s why we don’t take it.

Roccor develops antennas for small sats that require volumetric efficiency. Our nimble approach allows us to go from a basic sketch on a napkin to qualified hardware in months, not years. When you have a simple system, one that is co-engineered with our partners – things get easier. We have worked with a number of the world’s leading legacy and new space innovators providing a wide range of antenna solutions.

Refreshing the typical aerospace approach

  • We designed the deployable structure of a Ka-band mesh parabolic reflector. This system, which demands hard-fought precision, is functioning on several platforms in low-Earth orbit. Read More about our work with Harris Corp.
  • We just kicked off a one-year development effort to supply a two-meter helical antenna, stowed in a 2U form factor, demonstrating tactical communication for U.S. soldiers on the ground.
  • We managed a 7-month turn-around program to deploy a wide band Vivaldi antenna in a 2U CubeSat form factor.

Roccor Antenna in Action

Roccor Antenna in Action