Combat Care Products

Roccor is developing products that will enable better outcomes from prolonged field care of combat casualties by addressing gaps in remote treatment strategies where evacuation routes may be hours if not days away from definitive care.

Nearly 15 percent of all combat casualties sustain eye injuries, and blindness that can result from these injuries is one the most difficult disabilities for a service veteran to accept.

Unfortunately, there is a growing incidence of negative outcomes in the treatment of battlefield ocular trauma, due to loss of viable corneal cells within the first 96 hours after injury, and a lack of topical preparations that can preserve damaged tissue during this critical time period and until definitive ophthalmic care can be provided.

To address the problem, Roccor is teaming with the Oxygen Emulsion Company to adapt a supersaturated oxygen emulsion (SOE) therapy currently being used in dental and skin applications to promote healing. The OcuGenesis product increases corneal epithelial cell viability and accelerates ocular wound healing before and after specialized ophthalmic care.

The OcuGenesis product includes a pressurized canister of the emulsion and an applicator/eye cup designed for military field use at Role I aid stations and in support of definitive ophthalmic care in Roles II through IV military hospitals.

Packable Airworthy Combat Stretcher (PACS)

Current patient litters fail to meet an airworthiness specification recently defined by the US military, which means combat casualties risk further injury or death during aircraft evacuation.

In response to this need, Roccor is developing the Packable Airworthy Combat Stretcher (PACS) patient litter system that can fold for one-man carry, is lightweight, and is resilient enough to withstand the g-force of a rotary wing and tilt-rotor aircraft crash while protecting a patient and their associated medical equipment.

PACS is configured to be 10% lighter than and stow in a volume similar to other current collapsible litters. Its more efficient structural design provides ten times the strength of current litters and compliance with Joint En-route Care Equipment Test Standard (JECETS) for airworthiness.

Originally conceived for use by US Marine expeditionary forces, the PACS system is compatible with all current evacuation airframes and useful in all evacuation roles – in-theater as well as overseas.

“The heart of Roccor is our world-class team and their innovative products that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Doug Campbell
President & CEO, Roccor