Combat Care

Our staff includes veterans from all service branches and our company is dedicated to serving our nation by supporting our defenders and first responders during war time. We do this by partnering with medical research organizations to adapt emerging civilian healthcare technologies to better meet the unique needs of our warfighters.

Our Focus

To provide improved care options for battlefield trauma that result in better patient outcomes by:

  • Addressing the gaps in remote operations where casualties may be hours if not days away from definitive care
  • Partnering with other companies and universities to best leverage emerging technologies for disruptive solutions
  • Adapting our engineering know-how in products for austere environments to develop medical devices and therapeutic agents that are field-rugged

Our Capabilities

Roccor’s Combat Casualty Care team members have backgrounds in a variety of the medical sciences and biomedical engineering with expertise in basic science research, medical school instruction and clinical trials. Our capabilities include:

  • Physiology, neurotrauma, redox biology, and ocular trauma
  • Experience in durable medical product design for military hardening and operations in austere environments
  • Vibrant partnership network spanning all branches of the military, expert researchers, clinicians, and businesses

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“Combat casualty care research is tough; none of these problems are easy to solve. That said, it’s the most important and rewarding work I’ve ever done.”

Dr. Kathryn Pate
Director Combat Care Programs, Roccor

Our Leadership in the Combat Care Market

Kate Pate, PhD

Director Combat Care Programs
Physiologist, Neuro Nerd

  • 10+ years medical research experience
  • 8 years teaching at the graduate and professional level
  • Effective team leader & innovative problem solver
  • “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice
  • Most likely to be found bombing down a mountain on two wheels with dirt in my teeth from smiling too much