Emerging Products Case Study

The Commercialization of Emerging Products

Sometimes a client will ask “what if…?” to start a thoughtful conversation over ideas that have been tried in the past. Oftentimes these conversations motivate us to try something new.

We love to foster new engineering ideas and technologies that can make them into unique products for our clients. We excel at tackling new problems with creativity and engineering know-how and strive for the right balance between innovation and practicality.

We might know what you need when you ask “what if…?” or we may help you figure it out along with a plan to take it to market. We have done it many times through lasting and collaborative relationships with our customers, and we love the challenge!

Our Portfolio:

  • JPL Starshade
  • Deorbit Sails
  • TRAC Booms
  • Heliophysics Instruments
  • Ionospheric Instruments
  • Solar Sail Structures
  • In-space Modular Assembly
  • Surface Solar Arrays
  • Thin-ply Composites


    FURL in Action

    FURL in Action