Orbital Debris

Can We Avert a Space Age Environmental Crisis?

by Dana Turse, Director of Space R&D Programs, Roccor

About 8,000 tons of man-made stuff are orbiting the Earth right now, and the amount is growing by 200 tons per year. How concerning is this trend, and can we reverse it?

In 2009 a 1,000kg dead Russian Kosmos satellite flying at approximately 17,000 mph collided with an operational US Iridium communication satellite about 500 miles above the earth. The hypervelocity collision destroyed both vehicles, and caused US policy makers to wake up to the sobering reality that the growing orbital debris problem is on the verge of becoming a crisis. » Read More

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Meet the Team

Dana Turse

Dana Turse is director of R&D programs for Roccor. As our “get ‘er done technical leader,” she is an invaluable part of our kick-ass, “it’s all about the small stuff” team.

She is an inventive mechanical engineer specializing in advanced composites and mechanisms. She is an inventor and an innovator, a scientist who not only draws outside the lines, but one that has come up with her very own, beautifully vibrant and completely inspiring box of space age crayons.

Her credits are many, including recently being named chair of the High Strain Composites Technical Subcommittee of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)…the first woman to ever hold the position. She is the co-inventor of several deployable booms and antenna technologies and has worked on several patents, including a self-deploying solar array, a slit tube locking longeron, a furlable shape-memory spacecraft reflector with offset feed, several deployable structures with collapsible structural members, and a deformable sandwich panel.

Prior to joining Roccor in 2016, Turse served as manager of deployable space structures and senior mechanical engineer at Composite Technology Development in Lafayette, Colorado. Turse received her degree in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University.

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