Orbital Debris

Being Good Stewards of Space

Using space as a resource for global communications brings the responsibility to be good stewards of that precious resource.

Can We Avert a Space Age Environmental Crisis?

by Dana Turse, Director of Emerging Programs, Roccor

About 8,000 tons of man-made stuff are orbiting the Earth right now, and the amount is growing by 200 tons per year. How concerning is this trend, and can we reverse it?

In 2009 a 1,000kg dead Russian Kosmos satellite flying at approximately 17,000 mph collided with an operational US Iridium communication satellite about 500 miles above the earth. The hypervelocity collision destroyed both vehicles, and caused US policy makers to wake up to the sobering reality that the growing orbital debris problem is on the verge of becoming a crisis. » Read More

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