Our Team

The Future of Space. Delivered Today.

When it comes to space technology, some might call us, “fanatical”. And we’re okay with that. That’s because, from our designers, scientists, engineers, and employee owners at every level, our mission – our singular passion – is to successfully solve today’s most complex challenges. That’s why guided by honesty, integrity, and accountability – along with a non-compromising determination and proven track record – our clients turn to us (and return to us) to help them achieve even their loftiest goals.

Our Diversity Statement

New ideas come from unexpected places. Roccor is powered by professionals who are respected for their differences, valued for their individualism, and celebrated for their excellence. Our supportive environment welcomes, respects, and acknowledges those inside and outside the organization who have varied backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Roccorians’ shared ownership of diversity and inclusion ensures there are no barriers to imagining elegantly simple solutions that solve the complex problems our customers bring to us.

Our Newest Team Players

Bear hugs are what he gives bears.
He once won a fist fight, using only his beard.
Bigfoot is trying to get a picture of him.
He is, indeed, Roccor’s newest Concepts & Prototyping Engineer – welcome Aaron Frary!

He is the life of parties that he never attended

He’s never lost a game of chance

He once won the Tour-de-France, but was disqualified for riding a unicycle

He is, indeed, Roccor’s newest Composite Technician – welcome Noah Guffey!

He could parallel park a train

A bird in his hand is worth three in the bush

When he has a 50/50 shot, the odds are 80/20 in his favor

He is, indeed, Roccor’s newest Engineer – welcome Bryan Mazor!

She once went to the psychic, to warn her

Whichever side she’s on is the “right side of the tracks”

In museums, she is allowed to touch the art

She is, indeed, Roccor’s newest Test Technician. Welcome our newest Roccorian – Theresa Turner!

His favorite time to surf is during a hurricane

He’s travelled to 8 different countries

Big Red soda is named after him. 

Welcome to one of Roccor’s newest Project Managers, Mike “Big Red” Heitzler!

Her Cinco de Mayo party starts on March 8th

When a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, she hears it

When in Rome, they do as SHE does

She is, indeed, Roccor’s newest engineer…Welcome Heather Soukup!

If he were to visit the dark side of the moon, it wouldn’t be dark

He once taught a German Shepherd to bark in Spanish 

He never wears a watch because time is always on his side

He is, indeed, Roccor’s newest Engineer. Welcome Sam Van Dreser!

She once caught a great white shark

Some say she’s THE animal whisperer

On the weekends she discos with Donna Summer. 

She is, indeed, one of Roccor’s newest Finance Team members. Welcome Senior Accountant, Deb Guidetti!

She’s currently working on a pilot for her new series, Xuan Tran: Parts Unknown

She’s 1 of 10 children

She’s never lost a match against Serena Williams. 

She is, indeed, one of Roccor’s newest! Welcome Design Engineer, Xuan (Swan) Tran!

He cycles with black bears

He mass produces applesauce with his bare hands

He taught Gordon Ramsay how to make the perfect buttermilk pancake. 

He is one of Roccor’s newest- Welcome Project Manager, Mike McLaughlin!

She discovered the Rubicon Trail and decided to name a Jeep Wrangler after it

She’s been on safari in Botswana

She goes white water rafting on a blow-up mattress

She is, indeed, one of Roccor’s newest Program Managers- Welcome Brenda Kloberdanz!

She summited Mt Everest in under 5 hours

She once starred on Flockstars and became a world famous sheep herder

She’s a licensed pilot 

She is, indeed, one of Roccor’s newest Engineers- Welcome Sr. Analysis & Test Engineer, Rani Bartlett!

She actually took the bite out of the Apple logo

Her mom is Dolly Parton

She’s driven a ballistic missile submarine. 

She is, in fact, Roccor’s newest Program Liaison. Welcome Franchesca Malzahn!

She is a Harry Potter trivia champion

She built the first ever giant jenga

She’s developed a device to alter the pH of saliva to change what you taste

She is, indeed, one of Roccor’s newest Engineers. Welcome Thermal/Design Engineer, Jamie Eyre!

She rescued the Obama family’s dog

Her pet cow’s name is Impossible Brisket

She once performed with Miley Cyrus at the Big Bones Canine Rescue Festival

She is, indubitably, Roccor’s newest Supply Chain Team member. Welcome Purchasing Agent, Rindee Macdonald!

He’s brewing America’s #1 beer in his very own home

He’s beaten Samart Payakaroon in Muay Thai

In his free time, he’s restoring his 1965 Mustang

He is, indeed, one of Roccor’s newest Engineers.  Welcome Test Engineer, Ryan McCormick!

He eats a bottle of Sriracha with every meal

In his free time he goes to the bars with Channing Tatum He has driven cross country without a license

He is, indeed, Roccor’s newest Technician. Welcome Giancarlo Pereira!

His only modes of transportation are paraglider or unicycle

His band once opened for Ziggy Marley

He bought out T/ACO so that he could eat there whenever he pleased

He is, indeed, Roccor’s newest Engineer. Welcome Senior Analysis & Test Engineer, David Crotser!

Our goal is simple: to exceed your expectations in every endeavor.

Our Leadership

Doug Campbell

Chairman of the Board
The Man with the Plan

  • Serial entrepreneur with 15 years in technology commercialization
  • Passion for aerospace, defense and cleantech
  • Almost always impatient about something
  • Most likely to be found shopping for a new espresso machine

Chris Pearson

International Space Ambassador

  • 20 years space industry experience in Europe and the US
  • Founder of ABSL Space Products (US)
  • Mission, spacecraft systems and Electrical Power system engineering background
  • Most likely to be found moonlighting as “Ancient Aliens” research scientist

Kris Schaa

Chief Financial Officer
Not Your Typical Bean Counter

  • 20-year experience in high-tech manufacturing
  • Passion for helping teams reach their full potential
  • Genuinely enjoys improving and utilizing ERPs!
  • Most likely to be found rescuing animals

Mark Lake, PhD

Chief Technology Officer
Slave to Physics

  • 20 years R&D experience
  • 15 years small business startup experience
  • Author and aficionado of creativity
  • Most likely to be found asking my wife and kids what I’m supposed to be doing

Will Francis

Chief Products Officer
Engineering Fire Fighter

  • Roccor co-founder with vision of “build the best team and they will come”
  • Purveyor of non-linear engineering in gray spaces
  • Manager of intellectual property portfolio, inventor on 20 patents
  • Most likely to break a collar bone on a heinous bike trail Wednesday and mix Manhattans with the good arm on Friday

Heather Kuhar

Chief Operations Officer
Bringer of Method to Madness

  • 20+ years building and leading operations teams
  • 12 years helping high-tech startups reach industrialization
  • Devotee of process improvement and leadership theory
  • Most likely to be found straightening the picture frame that everyone else thinks is fine