Roccor Cares

Coming Together. Working Together.

We are building a transformative company for an industry in the throes of transformation. Getting it right takes a village effort. We offer our thoughtful perspective and leadership where helpful and follow lead of others when possible. 

What Should Our Aerospace and Defense Contractor Community be Doing Differently?

The US Department of Defense is the largest single buyer of goods and services worldwide – responsible in part for sustaining a half-a-trillion-dollar domestic supply chain of aerospace and defense contractors. Indeed, warfighting is big business, and that is not likely to change soon. However it is time for our community of aerospace and defense contractors to change how we invest in the welfare of the warfighter – reaching beyond our efforts to arm the finest fighting force to raise the level of care for those among them who fall.

Why More Heart than Scars?

As with a great many great ideas, it started over a beer. Chris Pearson, Roccor’s CEO, recognized a synergy between Roccor and More Heart than Scars – the same “all in” attitude, the same commitment to doing good, and a shared mindset that no problem is too great not to be overcome.

About More Heart than Scars

For those living life with significant scars – whether from an accident or surgery, from birth, or from psychology wounds – the simple everyday routines that most take for granted are obstacles that can be overwhelming, even insurmountable.

The More Heart Than Scars (MHtS) foundation empowers adaptive athletes to conquer the challenges presented in extreme obstacle course competitions and races.