Thermal Products

Roccor is developing a family of thermal management products to address the heat dissipation challenges posed by ever-increasing power densities in next-generation aircraft and spacecraft electronic systems.

About Our Thermal Products

In order to achieve the needed waste-heat rejection capacities, Roccor is developing phase-change and two-phase systems with low-profile packaging designs that are adaptable to fit very small available form factors.

Roccor’s family of products includes FlexCool™ flat and conformable heat pipes, FlatCool™ two-phase heat spreaders, SmartCool™ flow-boiling devices, and FlexTherm™ phase-change thermal capacitors.

Products Architecture Heat Flux Passive/Active
FlexCool Heat Pipe < 10 W/cm2 Passive
FlatCool Heat Spreader > 100 W/cm2 Passive
SmartCool Pumped Two-Phase Flow > 100 W/cm2 Active
FlexTherm Thermal Capacitors Passive

These devices are tailorable to meet a wide range of heat-source flux densities, thermal transport lengths, and operating conditions (e.g., ambient temperatures, g-loads, etc.). Most designs are fully passive with lifetimes measured in years without servicing. At present, Roccor is working with several Tier 1 and Tier 2 aerospace and defense customers on device designs that are integral our customers’ next-generation electronic systems.

Our Thermal Products in Action