Thermal Products Case Study

The Efficiency of EVERYTHING

High-performance batteries require a high-performance thermal management solution. For our client, Eagle Picher, we took a systems engineering approach to conduct a trade study and a computational analysis that identified an ideal solution from a performance SWaP (size, weight, and power) vantage point and did so affordably.

We don’t sell existing off-the-shelf solutions.

Refreshing the typical aerospace approach

  • We engineered the smallest and lightest thermal management solution to enable their product.
  • Developed efficiencies to convert and manage the intense heat of the battery and avoid thermal run away.
  • We minimized risk by identifying a simpler, safer solution that was still high-performance.
  • We worked collaboratively to co-engineer a solution.
  • Our solution, a thin graphite heat spreading sheet that moved the heat to liquid cold plates, created a better product that was: low risk, low price, higher performance, more effective, and safer.

Thermal Product in Action

Thermal Product in Action